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Fanfiction Year in Review: 2013

And here I thought 2011 was the year I was "done" with YGO fandom! Apparently not. XD

After spending 2012 writing in various non-YGO fandoms under the pen name of Silverr, I came back in 2013 determined to finish the last two stories in my Temenos series. I also, in a moment of weakness, posted the beginning of the YGO-Crimson Spell crossover I've joked about for years.

All links are to Ao3, but all stories are also on FFnet.
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[FIC] Beholden

NINE YEARS after I made the initial notes for it, this is finally complete.

A mysterious phone call leads to the reappearance of a figure from Kaiba's past - a figure Seto is not prepared to face again.

Beholden on FFnet
Beholden on Ao3

 All that's left:
  • adding back (or writing) author's notes for Face Voice Hands, Coming Clean, and KP Duty ( mostly so that those three fics sort nicely all together on my FFnet page)
  • posting the final chapter of Impressions.
  • tidying up the formatting of stories on Ao3

Oh, and also working on this thing.

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PSA: Speak up in Defense of Beauty

A breathtaking structure by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright is in danger of being shat upon by commercial interests.

Photograph of the Thorncrown Chaper in ural Arkansas

Full story (with more pictures)--and where to add your voice to the outcry---is here.

(Note that it's mentioned that there are several routes under consideration for the construction of the power lines, so it's not like this is a showdown between Necessity and Beauty. It's more a NITBY. :p)

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Smiling even wider

I've made Hey, Go Look! posts about entries on Colossal before: the site's daily dose of amazing/quirky art bits from around the world is my browser's home page, and the morning dose of creative always gives me a lift.

This recent post, however, had the added bonus of reminding me that there are decent people in the world, however much the shitheads might make headlines.

Photographer takes Boy with Muscular Dystrophy on an Imaginaary Journey

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Hell yes, I judge you.

I've rarely encountered software I loathe.

Until tumblr.

Found an entry on a fuckyeah site.

They were asking for source, I knew source.

I could have contributed useful information, had there been anything resembling a "comment" or "reply" or even reblog button.

DIAF tumblr.

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It's dead, Jim

Comp is down at the moment. We're thinking possibly fried motherboard, since both sound and audio have been increasingly wonky. (And this would be the 3rd time the motherboard's been replaced. Great QA, DELL.)

Not looking forward to the 10 hours it'll take on Monday to get a service date set up.


(SO's desk. At least I can sit here and use it during the weekday hours.)

ETA: Laughing so hard - this is so, so true!

(At least in theory. Are there completely wankless fandoms, I wonder?)

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Maybe I'll just clean the cat box again

So ... Beholden.

Rather a mess. Eight and a half years (! I couldn't believe it either, but the oldest files are all dated 16 May 2004 - which means I was probably thinking it all out late in 2003) of mislabeled drafts, chat logs, random notes and snippets saved in text files (probably from the AlphaSmart), various things on CD and DVD backup discs, and I still haven't found the file that I know contains the very last scene which I know I wrote 2 years ago (when I decided to take down the two posted chapters in order to take away K's "established relationship" with J. Sorry, no puppies or rainbows anymore.)

Nice thing about using Scrivener, though - I can systematically shred each file down to its bits, toss the bits in the appropriate bins, then delete the random file, When I'm done I'll sort through each bin, get rid of redundant material, then save the whole mess in one place in a far more organized way.

(Deceiver was a bit of a mess too, mostly because I somehow lost track of which file had the really good outline, and so kept "Saving As" for fear that Briefcase would overwrite the good one - which meant I had quite a few files to do diffs on.)

Still, it does feel good to finally be wrapping up these stories after so many years.

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